Lending Library Information

Northern Colorado API has an extensive library of books for our parents. To see a list of the books we have available please visit- LibraryThing. All books are available to check out for a one month period.
To request a book, please come to any of our meetings or contact us at nocoapi@gmail.com. If you have a book or DVD you'd like to donate, please contact us. Thank you!

API has identified the conditions found to be vital to the
optimal development of children. These are at the core of
API’s educational mission and are encompassed in API’s
Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting:

1. Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth, and Parenting

2. Feed with Love and Respect

3. Respond with Sensitivity

4. Use Nurturing Touch

5. Engage in Nighttime Parenting

6. Provide Consistent, Loving Care

7. Practice Positive Discipline

8. Strive for Balance in Personal and Family Life